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Advertising on Edamame Reviews is fundamentally different to In-App-Ads or advertising on Social Media. The readers who view our site are passionate about new games, and gaming-related products / services.

We share stories players want to read.

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Our audience is made up of over 100,000 mobile gaming enthusiasts who follow our site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – as well as other new and emerging platforms on which we share our daily content.

The majority our readers are located in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Within our home country Australia, Edamame Reviews is currently the single largest online news site dedicated to covering mobile gaming news for iOS and Android.

On a global scale, we are currently the 3rd largest site dedicated to covering iOS and Android related gaming news.

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We know as well as anyone that not every campaign is a success.

In order to minimize the chances of your campaign not performing the way in which you anticipated, we are 100% transparent with our sites views and statistics. The total number of views our site has received can be monitored LIVE at any time by anyone who visits our site.

We even go so far as to openly share the number of views each and every one of our articles has received.

So you can know what will and won’t resonate with our audience before you even start your campaign.

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